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Whether you have visited our website to sell or let your property, or you are looking to find your perfect home, here at Plymouth Sales & Lettings (PSL) we understand the importance of finding an estate agent that will work with you and keep you informed of your sale, purchase or property let. Plymouth Sales and Lettings pride ourselves on our customer service, we are big enough to compete with the larger estate agents yet small enough to provide a personal service.

We have over 50 years combined experience in property sales and management, Plymouth Sales & Lettings know all too well how frustrating it can be when you find your perfect home. The fees can be so expensive it becomes impossible to maintain a budget. Plymouth Sales & Lettings (PSL) will make you fully aware both in person and online exactly what your selling or purchasing fees will be and pride ourselves in providing a very competitive rate so your perfect home is achievable at the right price.

Based in the heart of Plymouth, Plymouth Sales & Lettings (PSL) have a wealth of knowledge of Plymouth, Devon and the surrounding areas. We also have key relationships with other agents across the country if you are considering relocation.



We have a one hundred per cent approved track record and are looking to have membership with the NAEA and the Property Ombudsman which will mean we will be answerable to questioning from them in times of miss representation or wrong doing. Not all agents want this accountability so shy away from their responsibilities but here at Plymouth Sales & Letting pride ourselves on our conduct, maintain we stay within the guidelines and always having a professional approach. This gives you piece of mind you have an agent that is reputable, caring and has total respect.


Our property details we draft up are second to none. We use high quality booklets, paper and ink as the demand for close up detailed information for a potential buyer is important. We have floor plans and use as many high pixel pictures as necessary to fully show your property to its best ability.


All of our staff is dedicated to their job, experienced in their field and assigned to the correct team to assist you in the correct manner. They are professional and courteous at all times giving you details facts, which is not misleading. If a team member cannot answer a query they will ask the question and find out the answer. There is no I in TEAM and this is a team ran service. The team is well equipped with all qualifications relevant to produce the necessary skills to sell your property speedily, effectively and easily. Once you have been with us people usually stay, come back and recommend us to family and friends.


Here at Plymouth Sales & Lettings (PSL) we offer tailor made packages to suit your individual needs and requirements your current situation or circumstances demands. While offering this service the charges are reflected in these packages to stay competitive.


All out staff benefit from what is called a commission pool fund. This means that the commission earned from the sale of a property is shared amongst the whole team. By doing this everyone in the team has an interest in your sale so will listen to your needs or queries and help in the best way they can. We find this system to work well giving you a better service.


Here at Plymouth Sales & Lettings (PSL) offer a variety of unique tailor made packages to ensure your property gets the maximum exposure and coverage required. Our specially designed showcase packages include extensive marketing and enhanced online exposure with the opportunity to include an Audio tour of your property.


Take a brose at all the happy customers we have helped. Happy customers mean recommendations. We are proud of our testimonials and proud in receiving such good comments in just a short space of time.


Why not take a look at our home page and site at or Have a browse and see why it is liked so much and why others have queried how it was built and at what cost as they would like something similar. We are proud of our site as a great deal of thought and effort was put into it. The site was personally built with all the literature wrote by one of our directors making it personal to him to get it right. He still works on it now updated codes and property profiles for sale or let. You will find it very useful as it is crammed with all the necessary information you need to rent, sell or buy a property.


To get maximum coverage for your property we regularly update all information to our website, our social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. We also work with:

Right Move
Prime Location

These sites put together total in number over 1 million hits on a daily basis. This gives your property maximum coverage and exposure. This along with our own site and our social media sites has every area of Internet covered.


Here at Plymouth Sales & Lettings (PSL) strongly believe that the key in selling or letting a property quickly and efficiently is due to good advertising creating maximum exposure and coverage. Advertising only becomes expensive if it doesn't work. This is why we invest so much time, effort energy and money into getting the advertising right. This method will get your property noticed quicker and sold or let quicker. The local rag and newspapers are used by a large number of people who may not have access to the Internet or just not very good at IT in any way. For them the newspaper is the way to go. You will find our advertisements in there on a weekly basis.


Here at Plymouth Sales & Lettings (PSL) we do not belief in just making a donation to a charity and sitting back, we much rather get involved, hands on in communities helping them financially and active participation. Many of our staff regularly get involved in fund raising activities, the organisation and taking part. We have been involved in fun runs, a three-legged race or helping the local netball team get some new kit and nets. We are always approachable for help and assistance as long as we can take part. We support larger events like the Plymouth Half marathon where you will always see some of our younger team members taking part and flying our flag. We just love supporting our community as to be fair our community will support us.



All our properties are advertised on our website, the Internet and the local property paper to give maximum exposure possible. Our agents will keep you fully updated on any interest in a property and work around you to arrange viewing as to cause as little inconvenience to you as possible. Our agents are CRB checked who are fully trained in all aspects of the industry.

If a property is successful in receiving an offer we will work with you to reach the right price for you, and in the event of a property not receiving an offer, we will ask for full feedback from the viewer with the aim to rectify any issues which may need addressing to raise that property's selling or rental potential.

Should you decide that Plymouth Sales & Lettings (PSL) is the right estate agent for you then we will visit your property to take full colour pictures and measurements with the aim to have your property on the sales market within 3 working days.

Once a property has sold we will keep you fully informed of the progress with any chain issues and keep in close contact with your and your buyers' solicitor to ensure we do all the chasing and not you. You will be provided with a direct line number for your sales advisor who you can contact with any issues or questions you may have. Here at Plymouth Sales & Lettings (PSL) is clear to see we make the process as simply as we possibly can.

Considering selling or renting a new home? Thinking of buying a new home? Call Plymouth Sales & Lettings (PSL) on 01752 212928 and one of our sales team will visit you at your property at a time to suit you where we can discuss a full comprehensive valuation of your property and inform you of the service we can provide.

As a Plymouth Sales & Lettings customer you will be able to use our reactive building maintenance company called Acorn Building Solutions. On your instruction they will survey any property and file a report on the condition of that property. This can be useful to have prior to you signing a contract and exchanging. Plymouth Sales & Lettings also have independent mortgage advisors who can help you find the right mortgage at a price that is affordable. Please see our mortgage page for more details.

SO CALL PLYMOUTH SALES AND LETTINGS (PSL) NOW ON 01752 212928 and let our team remove all the stress surrounding buying and selling a property and find you the perfect home at the perfect price.