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For all of the search options you can leave the ones that don't interest you at their default settings. If you do this then the search function will simply ignore those options.

Location Search

You can search for an area or postcode independently, or both options simultaneously.

For the Area search simply select the area that interests you and the search results will only display properties in that area.

With the postcode search you can enter a partial postcode such as PL1 or a full postcode such as PL1 1AB. If you select a partial postcode and leave the distance radius selector at its default setting of 'Postcode' then the results will only show properties in the PL1 area. The same applies to a full postcode.

If you decide to use the distance radius selector with your postcode then the results will show all properties within the distance from the full or partial postcode entered. Depending on the distance selected this may mean that properties from other postcode areas will be displayed.


Some people will ask what does 1.5 bathrooms mean? A full bathroom will generally have a bath or shower; a wash basin and a toilet. A half bathroom will generally only have a toilet and a wash basin.

Keyword Search

This is a very handy option if you are looking for properties that have a very specific or unique feature. For example you might want to buy or rent a property with a spiral staircase. You would simply enter the word spiral in the keyword search box and the search function would look for this keyword in property descriptions.

With Pictures

If selected, this option will only display properties that have had at least one picture uploaded.